We are one of the very first wedding planners in Greece! Take advantage of our experience in the field. We offer to help you and enjoy the organization of your wedding ceremony and reception. We can spend many hours together, discussing and planning every detail that will inspire your wedding day. We can propose many original ideas for each part that constitutes a wedding, such as the decoration, choice of venue, catering or video and photo coverage, all of which will make your wedding day truly unforgettable.

After extensive market research in venues, we can suggest many imaginative ideas and undertake their implementation.

There are extremely beautiful venues for you to choose from, where you can celebrate the joyous occasion together with the people you love.

Let us decorate the church and the reception venue, knowing that the flowers you select are available at different seasons! With professional help, you can consider such simple matters that can save you money. Decorating your reception with original materials can also save you money and help you create a unique event.

Choosing and sending your invitations is usually a tiresome process. Our graphic designer can create your own invitation.

By adding little details we can make it unique and really special.

The most reliable way to choose the right person for the music coverage of your reception (live band or DJ), is their experience and successful career, since almost all musicians and disk jockeys possess an extensive musical selection we have already performed market research on this matter for you too.

We will even help you to select the make-up and hairstyle that will  match the type of wedding you dream of having for a natural and elegant result.

Last, but just as important are the special effects that will surprise your guests during the reception. Fireworks are always an impressive sight but, instead of stopping there, use your imagination and our experience to prepare some secret surprises for later.

Often, the bride’s effort to remember every single detail of every step in the preparation process is impossible to bear, leading to added stress and irritation, which detract from her joy. Having an event planner at your side, a person that knows just how you want everything to be and who takes care of all the details, can be truly helpful.


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