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We only work with one tour guide agency in Greece that specializes exclusively on customized experiences.

Their philosophy is as follows:

“As travelers ourselves, when traveling abroad we want to discover what lies beneath the surface of the places we visit, through authentic experiences.

Having understood the underlying need of travelers to also experience new destinations in a genuine and alternative way, we are determined to offer our visitors a non-touristy experience by transforming them from observers into participants.

Our philosophy is to provide private and personalized experiential activities that engage travelers. We are committed to sharing our “insider” knowledge and give our visitors the opportunity to see Greece as we know and love it. Our ultimate objective is for our guests to have a fabulous time.

Discover Greece’s culture and way of life – always with a personal twist”.

Contact us to send you a customized tour guide offer :

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Agathi: +30 6946 794696
Anna: +30 6936 550437
+30 210 9751765

Ethnikis Paligenesias 2
171 24 Athens



Hrach: +971 50 614 4787



Caterina: +974 55719755

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