Ktima Harvati

When planning your wedding reception or any other kind of event ”Ktima Harvati” in Corinth is an ideal venue.

With its exceptionally tasteful outdoor wooded venue, which can accommodate 1500 people in an area of 1.5 acres, and with its own beautiful chapel you can realize the most memorable event of yours with prices nearly half of those you will find anywhere else.

Only one hour drive from Athens and close to the seaside your guests will be able to combine your event with holidays by the sea. 

The venue is very close to the city of Corinth, a city that has a history more than 2800 years. Once, its inhabitants where so proud of their city that would not let anyone visit it.

Nowadays however you can go sight-seeing in Ancient Corinth, the antiquities museum and its Castle on the rocky mountain nearby. And, of course, Athens is only 85 km away.

Hence the venue will not only save you money but it will offer you and your guests the chance to make Archaeological Site Visits and enjoy cultural and Sightseeing Holidays.

Contact us for more villas and availability: info@2makeitreal.gr

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